Bonzi Bonnie
Creator Nikson
Creation Feb 22, 2015
Debut [FNAF SFM] Bonzi Bonnie
Type Artificially intelligent Animatronic
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Cheerful
Abilities Enlargening
Weaknesses Lack of powers
Status Alive
Occupation Bugging individuals
Template:Quote2Bonzi Bonnie is an Animatronic Freak created by YouTube user Nikson. He was teleported into the GMod world by CodePurple.


He appears as Bonnie The Bunny from Five Nights At Freddy's with large eye pupils looking in opposite sides and bearing a permanent smirk.

Behavior and Abilities

Bonzi Bonnie possesses an ability of enlargening, which consists him growing two times his normal size. After that, he will become temporarily immune to gunshots. Also, he will make fun of his victims by calling them a "f*ggot". Sometimes, his victims will lose their minds resulting in them committing suicide.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Bonzi's biggest weakness is buckshot blasts, which can knock him out and away very easily.
  • He lacks powers, despite him being able to enlargen himself.
  • Due to his behavior, Bonzi cannot also ride vehicles including bycicles. Which he needs to learn in order to avoid any incident.


  • Bonzi was not originally a Animatronic Freak; he was created for a video which followed a Source Filmmaker animation where Bonnie The Bunny spoke nonsensical, provocative speech in front of a night guard. After his success, his creator turned Bonzi into a full-fledged Animatronic Freak.
  • He uses the same voice as Bonzi Buddy, an adware and virtual desktop assitant featuring a purple gorilla that could interact with its users on the run. The voice can be produced by choosing "Adult Male #2, American English" while using Speakonia.
  • His large eye pupils are likely a bug when applying "eyes_glow" and putting them in backwards, which it can be done by using "Advanced Bone Tool".

Notable Video

By the Creator of the freak

By the community